1. Quit smoking
    UCLA is an entirely smoke-free campus and I yielded to peer pressure and/or extreme inconvenience. Sometimes I miss it, but I really only let it become a habit out of boredom.
  2. Started a mindfulness practice
    I'm so bad at it unless someone else is narrating. Except for grounding. I can list things for sure.
  3. Began taking sun care seriously
    SPF in my moisturizer. Freckles are fun, wrinkles are not.
  4. Got a new driver's license
    Even though I lived in New Hampshire, D.C. and Philly, I never got rid of my unsmiling Virginia license. Until now. My hair is blonde and curly in it. Today it's straight and brown. Master of disguise.
  5. Switched medications
    All of them. It was not fun.
  6. Got the premium annual pass to Disneyland
    I go about once a month. I crave Dole Whip Floats. And the free parking makes the whole venture feel cost effective. Always looking for friends to join!
  7. Found a therapist who understands me
    So much better than the last one I saw who would always ask: "Who is the real Maura?" See: driver's license picture.
  8. Started going to movies in theaters again
    They're advertised on buses, it would be hard not to.
  9. Became a law student
    I'm 30 and this is not what I had envisioned, but here I am.