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These people used to be young and pretty. Now They should leave Hollywood because they got old and that's gross!
  1. Wynona Ryder
    She stole our hearts as Lydia In Beetlejuice and she stole some jeans and shit from Barney's but now she's old AF and can't even borrow time.
  2. Cate Blanchett
    She dazzled Awards season as Carol but now time has taken its toll on her since the Oscars. All she does is rest. That's sick!
  3. Drew Barrymore
    She all over the tabloids for her divorce but it's no wonder this ET puts Boys on the Side because with those wrinkled smile lines I bet she's Never Been Kissed.
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I'm stuck in Madison, Wisconsin. Hours to go. I'm bored AF!! Luckily they must be holding the Oscars here. I'm surrounded by famous people!
  1. Oh Shit! It's the late Roger Ebert. I wonder if his flight is as late as mine is or he is!
  2. Omg you guise! Anderson Cooper is reading something!
  3. Carrie Fisher Effin rocks! She was so nice.
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This is no joke. You may have seen me make fun of my mom on YouTube in Shit Italian Moms Say. She's Brooklyn Italian and these names are almost impossible for her. These are just the best ones. The list is endless including the occasional Lizzy Lohan.
  1. Jerry Stienfeld
    For like 3 years I thought this was his name and he was "playing" Seinfeld.
  2. Ashton Kutchner
    I have a friend with the last name Kutchner. She never had a chance with this one.
  3. Keith O' Sullivan
    Who? For like 3 hours.
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I flipped through my album furiously until my friends roommate yelled STOP. Here are your results✌🏽️
  1. Valentine's Day with my sweetie in San Francisco. This is near the Sutro bath ruins. We just had dinner at Portos.
  2. Flying over Mexico City I know everyone takes these out the window lame photos so I took a bunch and just posted one. This is a part of the city that never made the cut.
  3. A selfie of where the plant kept annoying me by tickling my head while I was getting a pedicure.
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Try and see if you know a seriously good indie or mainstream comedy I haven't seen. I wanna make it to 10 new titles.If you list one I haven't seen after I watch it I will write a truthful review .
  1. Sleeping with other people
    Discovered it recently, loved it.
    Suggested by   @solena
  2. Seven Psychopaths
    Criminally under-viewed
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  3. France Ha
    Suggested by   @DawnCloud
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  1. Soapdish
    There is never a moment this movie doesn't instantly make me happy. It's perfect. Amazing cast, hilarious scenes, and I notice something different in the background each time.
  2. Serial Mom
    It's hard to pick a favorite John Waters but I did so there. It's flawless and hilarious
  3. The Devil Wears Prada
    This movie is super good but it's my boyfriends favorite movie. This keeps him by my side when I'm sick.
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These things didn't make me gay but they sure did help girl!
  1. This hag bitch
    Love her is not the word. One time my Uncle Frankie taped over My ANNIE VHS with a piece of a JETS game and I still don't think I'm fully over it. I have so many questions like, first of all, who tapes over someone else's tape?? AND who tapes a game that is insignificant once it's over? ANNIE (and the search for her P A R E N T S btw!!) will always be relevant!!!!
  2. These gay hoes.
    Oh EM GEE... Kids Incorporated was my jam!! I remember one day at the end of an episode they announced and open call in Manhattan!! I begged to go audition. My parents wouldn't let me and I was stuck in Brooklyn. I hated the little white boy and Asian girl who "stole my chance" this was my first gay All About Eve moment.
  3. Ummm these gay ass things
    All boys had black Skates but I had white Care Bears ones. My mom said those were the ones I Really wanted and she didn't give a shit what anyone said. GO MOM!
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Oh boy. Here we go. Since pretty much every line in the entire film Mean Girls has a gif I just chose a few of my favorites along with the other stuff that comes up on the first Google page. Caution: Spoiler Alerts.
  1. Mean girls 2004
  2. Looking 2015
  3. Jonathan Groff and I sending a We Love You message to our pal Laura Bell Bundy.
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You wouldn't think these would inspire anyone to dress a certain way but dammit here's the recipe to my steeze.
  1. This handsome fucker
    The Gorton's Fisherman. I'd wear that shit to NYFW In a second and get mad applause like it was tarter sauce.
  2. This smarmy bastard
    Otho from Beetlejuice. Take me to Bali and see what I pull out of my Comme des Garçon travel tote. Lady boys be screaming.
  3. This purple ball of fur and nerosis
    Love love Telly from Sesame Street. He's got that Albert brooks meet Urban explorer thing going on and I can bottle it and sell it in this outfit.
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Nobody's perfect but these make me the worst.
  1. Watching The View fairly often
    I admit it's good I admit I watch it I'm not proud to admit either
  2. Eat a sleeve of Oreos the day I buy them see also: Girl Scout Cookies
    You don't mother fucking know me
  3. Stick gum is weird places.
    I have tried to fold it in something and put it in my pocket and do the right thing but that's bullshit. I'm not alone.
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