These people used to be young and pretty. Now They should leave Hollywood because they got old and that's gross!
  1. Wynona Ryder
    She stole our hearts as Lydia In Beetlejuice and she stole some jeans and shit from Barney's but now she's old AF and can't even borrow time.
  2. Cate Blanchett
    She dazzled Awards season as Carol but now time has taken its toll on her since the Oscars. All she does is rest. That's sick!
  3. Drew Barrymore
    She all over the tabloids for her divorce but it's no wonder this ET puts Boys on the Side because with those wrinkled smile lines I bet she's Never Been Kissed.
  4. Leonardo Dicaprio
    Ok. Leo finally won so now the charade is over. He can finally wither away in peace. Much like Global warming the struggle is real.
  5. Kate Winslett
    She rose up to fame as a young heiress who falls for a working class charmer in the classic Micheal Bay movie Titanic but her looks sure hit an iceberg now that she's an old fart.
  6. Leah Thompson
    Wow, look at that old lady...drooling. Forget a flex capacitor she needs to flex that skin. I wish we could go back in time for realsies.
  7. Russel Crowe
    It's so sad when a great actor/actress disgraces themselves by naturally aging like the rest of us. How could you? You are the worst. Stay young forever or GTFO! Amirite?
  8. Kristen Wiig
    I'm not laughing at how fucking old this funny lady looks. This photo is of her at this year's MTV movie awards receiving the award for best kiss. It was a scene where she kissed a mirror! Ew two oldies kissing!
  9. Brad Pitt
    Oh my,how the pretty have fallen! I've heard of legends of a fall but this one is flat on his wrinkled face. Not even Benjamin Button can turn this clock around. You look like you smell solely of moth balls and Kaopectate.
  10. Dustin Hoffman
    Wow. No words. You really need to do something.