I flipped through my album furiously until my friends roommate yelled STOP. Here are your results✌🏽️
  1. Valentine's Day with my sweetie in San Francisco. This is near the Sutro bath ruins. We just had dinner at Portos.
  2. Flying over Mexico City I know everyone takes these out the window lame photos so I took a bunch and just posted one. This is a part of the city that never made the cut.
  3. A selfie of where the plant kept annoying me by tickling my head while I was getting a pedicure.
  4. Sign leading to the briefing room the day before AIDS watch in Washington DC we I gathered and organized with other ambassadors of Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation including her legacy of grandchildren to take congressional meetings with and on behalf of people living with HIV.
  5. Indigo dyeing workshop for my friend Natalie's baby shower a while back.