Tv Series and Favorite episode (told really lazy like I would over brunch and as also to mask spoilers. )
  1. The Honeymooners
    The one where Ralph has to answer the $99,000 'name that tune' question.
  2. Breaking Bad
    The one with Jesse and the ATM machine
  3. AHS: Coven
    The one where Jessica Lange stabs the "new supreme"
  4. Golden Girls
    The one where they all try and get dates to go to the gala that Don Johnson is gonna be at but its just his Miami vice outfit
  5. Will and Grace
    When Grace wears a water bra and it pops at the art show
  6. Adventure Time
    The one where the meet the raving party bears for the first time obvi
  7. Pee-Wee's Playhouse
    Ice Creammmmmm Soooooup!!!!!
  8. Little Britain
    When Bubbles is at the dress boutique
  9. Ru Pauls Drag Race
    When Latrice Royale lip syncs "Natural Woman" while "pregnant" in Season 4.
  10. Ab Fab
    When Pasty burns the Kitchen down so they are going to New York to find a door knob Eddy was inspired by.