Just saw this and laughed my AZz off! Was so happy it was good
  2. Pee Wee's Big Holiday
    If you are a hard core Pee Wee fan run to watch this on Netflix. His scream alone had me rolling
  3. Godfather II
    Most people say this is even better than the first of that's possible. Right now on HBO they have all 3 movies back to back edited as one movie. Great when you have the flu.
  4. Hostel II
    Hostel was a badass horror movie. Part two is awesome for two sub-reasons A. It goes in depth to explain the origin story of the first movie. B Bijou Phillps gets killed in it and she a horrible person so that was kinda fun to watch and it not be real.
  5. Harry Potter Franchise
    Not a bad wizard in the bunch.
  6. Shrek Franchise
    I feel like they just kept getting better
  7. Mean Girls 2
    Seriously Effin kidding.