1. OMG this musical just gets more important to me as time goes on.
  2. I remember how hurt I was the first time I realized the stage musical is not like the movie musical.
  3. I fell in love with the stage musical if not before then now more than ever with Grease Live.
  4. When I saw Grease for the first time Mickey Dolenz from The Monkees was Teen Angel.
  5. My friend Max Crumm was the one America wanted and won the role of Danny on Broadway on the reality competition " You're The One That I Want!"
  6. I sang Those Magic Changes in college at Florida School of the Arts musical theater ensemble (kinda like Glee)
  7. 16yo me won a pre show dance contest and was given Rydell High T Shirt at a Natl Tour
  8. One of the two people who ever made me starstruck is Eddie Deezen who played the nerd Eugene in the movie. He was in whole foods and said the word Quinoa like KEEN-WA! And my knees got wobbly and I didn't know what to do. I didn't say hi. (Mindy Cohn is the other person but we met and it's all good now)
  9. Growing up I had pride among all my girl cousins that my name was Danny too.
  10. I know the whole movie by heart
  11. My favorite is: Marty: Double Doo Doo! Jan: what's up doc? Marty: one of my diamonds just fell in the macaroni!!
  12. The Linda Blair ad for her Halloween timed Broadway run as Rizzo is the single craziest and awful exploitation of a celebrity for a musical. "Heads are spinning over Grease" "because you can't be possessed all your life!" SMH
  13. I really thought Grease Live was airing on Dec 31 and adjusted my NYE plans around it and then was like "ohhhh"
  14. I cannot believe how amazing Vanessa Hudgens is and without knowing her am just so proud of her.
  15. Grease Live is so good. It took me forever to be able to go see a musical because my family wasn't really into it. This will put this show and now many others into the homes of kids everywhere!
  16. Growing up Italian I couldn't believe they would say the eff word on TV "Rizzo: Ah Fongul I'm Sandra Dee!"
  17. My friends made up dirty parody lyrics to Summer Nights when we did that number in high school at the Variety Show. "Summer dreams, creamed in our jeans but ooooooOO "
  18. I was SUPER pissed when I got to high school and it wasn't like this...