1. My dad's voice
    I don't have any recordings of it but I remember it very clearly. It was kind of a low and deep gravely manly voice. His shouts were intense and captivating. I used to be annoyed by it because he talked so much but I'd give anything to hear it again.
  2. Trains passing by from my bedroom window
  3. Thunderstorms
  4. Electric fans
    Probably my favorite white noise of all time
  5. Fireplace/fires
  6. Boiling water
    Can't really explain this one
  7. Being underwater
    I can't swim well so I haven't spent a lot of time underwater but it's incredibly soothing until I realized I could drown at literally any moment
  8. Washing machine
    Reminds me of going to the laundromat with my dad and playing arcade games while our clothes got cleaned.
  9. Kittens meowing (for no more than 3 minutes)