1. Quiet most of the time
  2. Good traffic 90% of the year
  3. Everyone is in a good mood and says hi and thank you
  4. A&T (& GHOE)
  5. Civil Rights history made here (A&T Four Woolworths Sit Ins)
  6. CHEESECAKES by motherfuckin ALEX
  7. Beef Burger
  8. Very Cheap thrift stores
  9. Me
  10. Ayo, Jon, Zac, Amira, Suquanna
  11. The Art Dept
  12. Old white rednecks slowly being pushed out of the city
  13. Renaissance Co-Op (if it ever gets finished)
  14. The arboretum
  15. The Greenway
  16. Very unique and sometimes confusing mix of southern/northeastern & city/country aesthetics & values
  17. So many liquor stores
  18. Not South Carolina