1. We can't have our phones
    Apparently this is standard but like what kind of Stone Age bullshit tbh
  2. We can't listen to any music
    It makes time go by extremely slow and all u can hear is the machinery and belt and robot in ur ear talking which is cool sometimes but also boring af
  3. No time for talk n fraternizing
    I mean our breaks are 15 minutes and we can spend them in break room and talk but I'd rather go back to my car and relax instead of talk about football or got damn shoot the shit with 40 year olds no offense
  4. Our breaks are 15 minutes
    Not enough time to eat or go anywhere really what's the point
  5. Very fucking repetitive
    It's literally same thing every day no adventure no excitement no creativity I'm a robot beep boop bleep
  6. Nobody cute and my age works there
    Even if they did I don't have time to talk
  7. I can't afford most of the things I handle
    It makes me want to really make my car nice n cool but no money
  8. Shift eats up all daylight
    2-7 is like most of the day it's already dark when I get out so my whole day goes here, trash!
  9. Middle of fuckin nowhere
    Nothing close but a gas station and joe bob and Bobby joe racist trailer park beverly hillbilly face ass...ol roadkill casserole neck ass........
  10. Not paid often enough
  11. Inexplicably hard labor
    Like it's really simple and doesn't seem like it would be hard work or require a lot of energy but it does for some reason? It's incredibly draining and I have no energy after work
  12. No, like, time goes by reeeeaaaalllyyy slow
    You think you're doing a lot of work and time is flying by? No. Fuck you. Still nearly 3 more hours left, asshole
  13. Everything is dusty as hell
    How long has this shit been here? Nobody cleans anything? I'm breathing in dead skin from 10 years ago probably and nobody gives a fuck? And your hands get grimy and dirty af every day
  14. Their shitty earpieces don't listen
    Like u gotta repeat yourself 5 times and the little idiot robot always mishears things. Then they wonder why you're not as productive. Buy equipment newer than fucking 2008 perhaps???
  15. Everything smells terrible
    It's musty af! and I think I'm getting used to it yikes!
  16. Ugly logo, ugly and laughably outdated instructional videos
    Like they're still using 2006 newgrounds-esque flash animations. If y'all niggas don't hire new designers....