1. I woke up with a lot of hate in my heart.
    And I don't want to let it go
  2. It's not that I care that Trump won, what kills me it's that his supporters are smug and satisfied this morning
  3. I need to know I better than them, because I'm an elitist
    I admit it. It makes me feel good
  4. I was hoping to be the smug one this morning
  5. I had a whole blog post lined up to celebrate and jeer them
    And I almost never blog.
  6. I wanted to kick them while they were down
    "That's what you get for following a dick to the gates of hell" is what I wanted to say.
  7. I don't care about reconciliation. Or "healing"
    Sorry I'm not going to join hands with a Klansman
  8. My idea of healing is amputating a gangrenous limb
  9. Anyway.
  10. Fuck the lot of them
    I hope they stay poor