So many!
  1. Why is it that all the Asian employees keep fucking up?
    From that Japanese dude in the Butcher Shop, to that designer who designs a rejected Native American, the Asians just can't catch a break
  2. Are there two copies of El Lazo?
    In one scene the Man in Black slits his threat, but then in another you meet El Lazo in Pariah with William and Logan
  3. When do Dolores' auditing sessions actually happen?
    How does she seemingly zip back and forth between the lab and the park
  4. Is Ford going to survive this season?
    I can't imagine an actor of Anthony Hopkins' stature signing on for the reported five season renewal
  5. Do all the hosts have the same blood type?
    How did the MiB know that he could use El Lazo's blood in Teddy? Normally that kills you if you get it wrong
  6. Why is the elder Hemsworth stuck playing a park ranger on HBO while his younger bros are Thor and Hunger Games dude?
  7. How do guests know not to kill each other?
  8. Is this really a show about debugging?
  9. Can you look upon the face of Jimmi Simpson and not think of McPoyle?