We fell for the allure of a new neighborhood with picturesque blocks and history. It took us about a year to realize we didn't want to live here long term.
  1. It's too far from everything
    All my friends and the places I want to be are far from Bed Stuy.
  2. The money we save by living here just gets spent on cab fare
    The days of this neighborhood being cheap are kind of over
  3. It felt weird to be a gentrifier here.
    There's a difference between gentrifying a neighborhood that had nothing but factories vs gentrifying a neighborhood that had an existing population. This felt like the latter.
  4. I felt like an expat
    I'm not part of the predominant culture, and that's not going to change.
  5. I hate the A Train
    The A train runs infrequently and has the lions share of subway preachers.