Toys I'm Totally Not Bitter About Never Having Gotten As a Kid

  1. Star Wars AT-AT
    This is the crown jewel of Star Wars toys. It's huge, it can carry a whole squad of Stormtroopers to reeenact the Rebels hopeless defense of their base in the Battle of Hoth. I never got it when I turned 3. Or 4. Or 5. Or 6. Or 7.
  2. NES
    The first time I played this at my friends house I was like let me live in Marios world, even if I keep dying every 5 seconds. (I was never very good at avoiding Koopas)
  3. A motorized toy car you could ride
    Good thing no one I went to school with had one either or I'd be in juvy for murder
  4. Transformers Omega Supreme
    The biggest of them all. Good thing I never got what I wanted all the time or I'd be an insufferable tool to this day.
  5. Super Soaker 100
    Or this or I'd probably be in the NRA. Fine mom, you were right.