My five saddest memories

  1. When I choked on a fish bone
    I was 5 and legit thought that was it, my legacy is to choke to death on a fucking fish bone
  2. When nobody voted for me at a beauty pageant I was coerced into participating
    It was in preschool, I was like 5 years old and my dimwit of a teacher organised a beauty pageant. All the girls were made to stand in a circle so the boys in class could vote for who they think were pretty. I got zero votes and won a lame tube of grape flavoured toothpaste as my participation gift.
  3. When my cousin fell down and everyone blamed me for it
    My brat cousin was a year younger than me and it was MY 6th birthday party and I had a BBQ and all the works. My brat of a cousin insisted on climbing the stairs by herself, slipped and hit her lip on the stairs. All the adults blamed me for the fall even though I was minding my own business behind her. Bitch.
  4. When Iron Man and Captain America fought each other 😩
    It was like a week ago when I saw it in the cinema, man the tears wouldn't stop streaming. Guys please don't fight anymore y'all are friends!
  5. When I watched my ex walk out the gate knowing we'll never see each other again because I was flying home the next day
    We later had a very nasty break up
  6. Oops the list got dark fast 😂