Places I like to eat at in NYC
  1. Noreetuh
    3 courses for only $42! The wine list is also great/affordable. Some of the best service in the city
  2. Union Square Cafe
    Danny Meyer's first restaurant in a new space that's like the old space on steroids but still feels like home.
  3. Marta
    I'm a huge fan of USHG restaurants, the pizza here doesn't feel heavy because of the fresh ingredients and isn't too pricey for the quality.
  4. Jungsik
    If I have money to splurge, which is rare, I love to go to this spot. It shows that Korean food can be raised to the level of fine dining.
  5. Atoboy
    The former Chef de Cuisine of Jungsik, Chef Junghyun Park, has opened a restaurant with his wife Ellia, and I couldn't be happier since I can actually afford eating here a decent amount. It's a great place to bring a lot of friends so you can try more dishes. The flavors of each one just come together perfectly.