I go where Huell Howser went... That makes for some interesting pics.
  1. Huell at the Nights of Neon conducting an interview in front of Mariah Carey's Butterfly... I can't make this up
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  2. Commander Andrew Smith, LAPD's Media Relations & Community Affairs Group, showing off the Friendship Bracelet he got at EDC in the documentary Under The Electric Sky
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  3. Making good use of a @KCRW gobo in Downtown L.A.
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  4. Cabazon dinosaurs because... Pee Wee & Huell.
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  5. Seabiscuit's grave... Willits, Ca.
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  6. Bonus... Compton College! I don't care what it's named now. (but El Camino is a #HuellStop so 👍🏾)
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