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  1. This is our newest addition, Wendler
    He's almost a year old
  2. We weren't in the market for another dog
  3. We have 1 old, blind pup and 3 cats already
    3 cats = because we're gaaaaay
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I'm posting this here bc there's only 1 person who actually knows me...
  1. We're engaged
  2. Us
    I'm the summer. I don't wear straps in the winter.
  3. !!!!!!!!
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Admittedly @workbitch requested how I WOULD spend it, but here's how I did:
  1. It took me 8 hours for the suggestion to load!
    Woah List, glitchy much? Sokay, me too!
  2. I have absolutely nothing on my Amazon list right now
  3. And I have $20 to spend
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Inspired by @sam All of this makes me realize I'm really into special needs pets.
  1. A cat whose name sounds like a sneeze! Atchoum!
  2. A cat with crossed eyes!
  3. A cat with NO eyes
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I didn't realize that was going to happen and took a student back to my office
  1. "Did your mom just get a cell phone? You are blowing up."
Not that I'm "old and all knowing" but I have had to learn all of these lessons, I talk to a lot of people about love, AND I've had a lot of therapy.
  1. You're a fucking catch and you're not the kind of person anyone should be confused about
    Make this your dating mantra. Once you believe it you're UNSTOPPABLE I tell you!!
  2. Throw out the planning for "forever"
    Forever not a destination, it's just a collection of every days. You don't LOOK for a forever, you collect it together.
  3. I know you have "a type" - STOP THAT
    I had a type too. I thought "my type" was "adventurous girls who looked like boys." But turns out THAT always translated to impossibly immature and unstable. Once I asked myself "How's that working out for you?" I stopped...and magic sort of happened.
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  1. One of us had pretty intense gas
    I mean...that's domestic bliss right?
  2. We woke up late and reminisced about the wedding we went to last night
    Wherein I gleefully exclaimed to the most right wing person there: "Scalia is dead! Let's have a gay wedding!!" And then waited for a high-five.
  3. I went to pick up our farm eggs
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Today was sort of a crap day, so Ima list things that went WELL
  1. There was a Car2Go very close this morning
  2. Serial 1 is updating about Adnan's hearing
  3. My caseload didn't blow up at me for being out yesterday
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I saw a nutritionist recently and she asked me what my goals were. "350/170/315" Her eyes fell out of her head. "I don't give a hooey about the scale, I care about lifting weights."
  1. Age: 38
  2. Me, at my all-time heaviest weight:319# (144kilos) and 33 years old
  3. Years eating Paleo 4.5
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Alt title: A typical, pre super-bowl, date night conversation with my love
  1. Steph: (Some story about a Buffalo football team going to the Super Bowl 4 times and losing 4 times. Then someone went to another team, won, and went back to tell his old coach about how that ring was "for all of them.")
  2. Me: That's it. I really need to just start my period already.
  3. Steph: That's a weird response. Why?
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