1. This is our newest addition, Wendler
    He's almost a year old
  2. We weren't in the market for another dog
  3. We have 1 old, blind pup and 3 cats already
    3 cats = because we're gaaaaay
  4. My best friend is a vet
  5. A pup was surrendered to her emergency vet practice with this
    The foster mom said "euthanasia isn't an option" and she started a crowdfunding site for him
  6. So she made him a tripod
  7. 2 weeks later we went to see him bc she said he was sweet
    Holy mackerel he was sweet.
  8. We said "we'll do a one week test run"
    See also "1 blind dog and 3 cats" from above
  9. So we took him homo
    And he was sweet and gentle with our Soph
  10. And we named him Wendler
    Because Jim Wendler developed a powerlifting program I follow every year before maxing-out...it follows a 5-3-1 lifting pattern. We got him on 3-day with deadlifts. And he has three legs and deadlifts are my favorite.
  11. Because Mama is a Meathead
    And so are all of her friends...who he started meeting immediately!!
  12. And he was interested in the cats
  13. But more interested in being a Good Dog
  14. So we bought him all of the things
    A bed, car hammock, a kennel, toys, sweaters, chew things, other chew things, all the treats, good dog food, different food that doesn't make his poop soft, leashes. Like three leashes. A collar, a license, a nail trimmers, a hoodie, a frisbee, boots, a coat. ALL THE DOG THINGS ARE BELONG TO HIM
  15. And started obedience
    He's not the village idiot, which is helpful
  16. And after an "aggressive attacker" incident and campus shooting my colleagues were stressed out so I brought the puppy.
    And he was so good. And so sweet and gentle. And so healing
  17. And he likes holding down the floor of my office
    In ridiculously adorable sweatshirts (my students call him "Professor Wendler")
  18. Final exams are stressful
  19. I say "He's a mixed-breed" tripod!
    A mix between pit bull and attention hound.
  20. He's perfect.
    And expensive. But worth it!
  21. For @shainadesai ....another view!