Admittedly @aus10 requested how I WOULD spend it, but here's how I did:
  1. It took me 8 hours for the suggestion to load!
    Woah List, glitchy much? Sokay, me too!
  2. I have absolutely nothing on my Amazon list right now
  3. And I have $20 to spend
  4. So I just bought these things off of the WISH LIST of a local domestic violence shelter and women's support center
    Because they need it! And I can give it!
  5. And Amazon Wish Lists are delivered right to their door!!
  6. So I bought:
  7. Sheets! Who doesn't want to sleep in fresh, clean sheets?!
  8. PlayDOH! Hours of play, play therapy and entertainment
    Don't eat it kids. Salty.
  9. Diapers. Because it was way over $20 but...diapers.
  10. Thanks @aus10 for the spark!!