My First Kiss

Lezbihonest, my first was 25+ years ago and I don't remember it. So this is the story of Steph and I. (Inspired by @ListPrompts)
  1. We met on Craigslist
    I always qualify "before it was creepy" but I'm not sure it's ever not been creepy.
  2. We had emailed for months
    Neither of us were in a huge hurry. (Plus, see above.)
  3. We finally decided to meet for a drink, but I got sick
    Very sick - snotty, coughy, NOT first date sick
  4. Like call and leave a rambling voicemail about "taking a bath with you" sick
    In my defense it was more like "I'm just so sick and I'd been talking about taking a bath with you and that sounds like what I need to do...I meannnn talked WITH YOU about taking a bath...oh nonono I said that out loud...please. Crap." And then I tried desperately to delete the voicemail...but instead sent it through
  5. So we delayed it a bit, until I wasn't delirious
  6. That night I picked her up, we had a nice dinner and closed down the restaurant, talking
  7. I was enamored with the appreciation she had for the waitstaff.
    She is like this with everyone. So engaging and thoughtful
  8. I drove her home and she invited me in.
  9. We sat and talked and talked until, like Cinderella, I realized it was late AF and I had work the next day
  10. I popped up, off of the couch and sputtered
    "Oh god I have to leave!"
  11. She was surprised and...well...let me leave
  12. In the car I realized what I'd done. I called her
    She: "Really? You just left." (Me: "Right. But you need to come down here. You forgot.")
  13. She came down the stairs with that those boots...carrying a drill
    I mean, a DRILL. She was returning it to a neighbor, but it could have been for show bc it was sexy AF
  14. I told her: "You forgot to kiss me. This was a great date. You need to kiss me."
  15. "I do?" Yes. You do.
  16. She did.
  17. I ran back to my car and giggled. She kissed me!!
  18. 8+ years later, whenever she yells at me for being bossy, I remind her that she knew EXACTLY what she was getting into, from our VERY FIRST kiss.
  19. I still get butterflies when she's about to kiss me.