Pictures of Things From 2015 That 2016 Will Have to Work Really Hard at Trying to Beat

Good luck, because that was awesome.
  1. After our house was burgled on Christmas 2014, we had a "Sorry You Got Robbed Party" in January
    We asked friends to bring their "small change" and raised nearly $1500 for Team RWB (an organization enriching Vets lives through physical and social events in their community.) Because stuff is stuff, but there's always work to be done to help others.
  2. World record defense fund
    As if my friends weren't generous and giving enough...they turned around the next month and helped me raise funds to go to a national powerlifting competition
  3. Put your heart out & pour your heart out
    I wrote more thank you cards in 2015 than I likely ever have. I appreciate that being grateful became a habit
  4. 3 world records, 4 state records
    And since the official world records are actually held in eastern Europe, it's super legit.
  5. We moved and immediately fell in love with our new home
  6. My best friend, my sweet girl, my sunshine
  7. 8 years...I fell more in love with her daily
  8. The very last Gene Pool Party at the lake
  9. I rode my first Century
    Admittedly it'll likely be my last too
  10. I got a divorce
    SCOTUS ruled and suddenly I was married again, to a woman I hadn't been with in more than 10 years. The process was easy...the day was actually fun! We laughed and caught up.
  11. Work from home on Mondays saw me on the front porch even in December.
  12. This old girl mellowed out, got a bit more blind, and savored car rides. And treats. And schedules.
    But mostly car rides and treats
  13. It was......really an amazing year.