Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Buying a rug that cost more than $400
    And then buying 3 more. And then one for $1200. And then I died and hated adulthood
  2. Dusting the house
  3. Every time I run out of a box of staples
    When I was a kid I'd play "Office" and just staple pieces of paper together. Like 800 times I guess. Every time I have to refill my stapler now I think about how tickled 5-year old Jenn would be
  4. When I hired movers instead of asking my friends
    Because when you're in your 30s you really just need to pay someone
  5. When I bought "pet stairs" for my aging, blind, and nearly deaf dog
  6. When I consider insurance plans and health savings accounts
    That shit is hard to understand and enrages me. Enraaaages me.
  7. When I started using Amazon's "Subscribe and Save" auto-delivery for household items
    Rather than just let them run out and kick myself for 3 weeks bc I keep forgetting them
  8. Retirement plan blahblahblah
  9. Getting organic produce delivered.
  10. Buying art
  11. Realizing most of the shows I record are on the HGTV or DIY networks