1. I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm, snuggled up to Steph, and, asleep, she stuck her hand in my butt crack.
    Sometimes we wake up holding hands, but this was hilarious and random
  2. Walking to work without a coat. In February. In Ohio.
    Sure sometimes it's unsettling...but so is -5° (-20°C) for weeks on end like 2 winters ago. This is just unsettling and I can feel my face.
  3. Getting an unexpected email, encouragement from the boss, and deciding to advise a group of students on a Spring Break service trip
    I'm either going to travel with 10 to Mobile, AL and build with Habitat...or take 10 to a state forest outside Memphis, TN and clear brush, open trails, build bridges. All very physical work and I'm so excited.
  4. Leaving work and going to the box to find the garage door open, people I love, and a workout that didn't kill me
  5. Walking in the front door to animals who all run to greet me
    Seriously. Animals are the best.
  6. Receiving a text message from Carmen, a friend I've had since we were kids
    Carmen has Downs Syndrome and is the best person in this whole world. We talk on the phone regularly but she's started texting recently. She also marched through cancer treatments this past autumn with so much vulnerability and strength it positively astounds me. I am so lucky she is my friend.