I thought they'd all want the same. I was wrong.
  1. Any expensive cat treat (GracieBeans)
  2. Plastic sacks (Frank)
    That's the sack he sat licking through the breakfast this morning
  3. Butter (GracieBeans)
  4. Soft Pounce at the peak of freshness (the first 2 days open): Frank
  5. Soft Pounce after Frank has tired of them (Winifred)
  6. Pepperoni from your pizza (Winifred)
  7. Anything soft and chicken flavor (GracieBeans & Winifred)
  8. Anything soft and salmon flavor (GracieBeans & Winifred)
  9. Crunchy hairball preventative treats (Winifred)
    Helpful because she has so much hair
  10. Bacon (Frank and Winifred)
  11. Egg yolks (Winifred)