I'm posting this here bc there's only 1 person who actually knows me...
  1. We're engaged
  2. Us
    I'm the summer. I don't wear straps in the winter.
  3. !!!!!!!!
  4. This is very exciting
    And it has been for a couple of weeks
  5. We wanted to wait and tell our parents in person
  6. So it's been REALLY hard to not tell anyone
    Especially because I'm very active on FB. And a super extrovert.
  7. But something's says "You're 40...don't make your parents find out via social media, idiot."
  8. And we aren't idiots
  9. We're at her parents' house now for Christmas but want everyone together.
    Maybe that'll happen tomorrow?
  10. I mean we can be patient...it HAS been 9 years after all.