What's on My Desk

Suggested by @maggiebard and @boygirlparty!
  1. First thing's first...this what I "DO"
    I work at a major university as an Advocate...helping students and families with ANY problems AT ALL that could be WITH the University or a life circumstance that is impacting the student's ability to succeed. I help manage problems, navigate processes, and look for the most fair and appropriate outcome. I champion personal growth and accountability...and mostly help students manage their disappointment.
  2. Where the students sit
    Tissues for all the tears, my business card holder, a mostly-unused letter tray and filing system (rendered almost entirely useless bc we are paperless, but I like the privacy for my 7289 drinks on the other side) and a squishy stress 🍆 because it makes me giggle. Also my glasses bc it was a super stressful day and I kept taking them off to rub my eyes.
  3. Hydration station
    I bring two containers of coffee and a Nalgene bottle of water every day. I made that coffee mug at a staff retreat. Also a lacrosse ball....because knots in my back and butt
  4. Today was bonkers
    My handheld phone was dead by 2 and I had to steal a coworker's. Also an academic advising friend of mine made a hunch of Flat Jenns for encouragement and morale. (Also if you look closely @kellyBS's direct phone number is written up there.)
  5. Blank Ink Only
    Somehow I came in today to find a blue pen in my container. Interloper. Also lotion (because every year I announce THIS is the year I get my nail beds in order. Shameful lesbian)...and another mobility ball (because Crossfit.)
  6. Former Hall Director.
    I have SO MUCH STUFF to look at. This is right next to me. The phone message says "URGENT: needs perspective." Also a small slip of paper that says "I love you more than bacon." That's a lot.
  7. Ron Swanson is my spirit animal
    If students comment on the pyramid of greatness they really get me. Also I love the (local) cartoonists Natalie Dee and Drew (from Toothpaste For Dinner.)
  8. Two pups and a :|
    The metal pup is made out of a 1960s ford truck....and the nuts on a post it was representative of me one day. It stuck.
  9. Some animals we eat
    Some we don't
  10. There's just a lot here.
    Staff meeting knitting, a Rolodex 1/75th full of actual contacts and only two I actually consult, a tissue dispenser, blueprints for our new office (coming Summer 2016, 9 years in the making), Very Nice Donkey For Sale, and a quote I'd never hesitate to have tattooed on my body if a) it wasn't so long and b) I could get over getting a quote tattoo
  11. On a shelf above
    A trophy for "winning" last place in a kickball league. Best of the Worst indeed...everyone was drunk all the time
  12. Thanks for visiting. Take a stress 🍆