Inspired by @LeahG
  1. First, here is the day I "adopted" my cat.
    The shelter said they weren't sure if he'd have long hair or medium. I have a husband who is both allergic to cats and asthmatic. I was banking on medium, but he's got a shit ton of soft fur.
  2. The shelter had his name as, "Tristan."
    That was WAY too "Legends of the Fall." Umm, no thanks.
  3. I named him Sigmund, or Siggy.
    This comes from Sid & Marty Kroft's "Sigmund the Sea Monster." He's got tons of fur waving around and he's kooky. Perfect.
  4. He's always been a snuggler, but on his terms.
    He sleeps with me (on top of me or spooning) but his fur can be hot as balls. He also snores and his purr is insanely loud. My husband runs a humidifier to drown out his little motor.
  5. Don't cross him or witness his wrath.
    "You may pet me, but only until I am no longer amused by you."
  6. Despite my cat attacking me with bites and bitch slaps, I love him to pieces. This causes many WRONGFUL diagnosing of toxoplasmosis. I don't buy it at all.
    My brother and husband tell me that cats have spread this disease to control humans so that they are obsessed with them and do their bidding. They believe it's the feline plot of human domination.
  7. My cat isn't controlling my mind!He's hilarious.
    Witness masterful hiding.
  8. More comedy.
    Witness power of destruction. He will proceed to eat this cardboard shark I constructed for him.
  9. He also thinks he's human. So, he's brilliant.
    Be amazed by his discerning palate.
  10. Except sometimes that palate isn't so discerning. And maybe not ALWAYS so brilliant.
    Like the time he ate that dime. Most expensive dime ever after that surgery.
  11. He does have a refined sense of style. I mean, how could he be evil when he is so handsome? Come on!
    Not just any old stemware will do.
  12. He also fancies himself quite the investigator.
    Will sit in on any type of gaming, crafting, construction, office work on the laptop, etc.
  13. As well as amateur explorer.
    Here he's seen visiting our cardboard Highclere Castle. Unfortunately, he chose a surprise aerial raid prior to trying the front door. Castle sustained significant damage.
  14. In his spare time, he likes to watch birds, TV, or video games.
    Again, demonstrating high intelligence.
  15. And yet despite his accomplishments, he can sometimes find himself looking like a hot mess.
    Playing with post Color Run clothes, flowers with pollen, glitter, etc. Hey, he just wants to be involved!
  16. He's just a giant ball of fur and likes to remind us of his presence by leaving fur tumbleweeds everywhere.
    Yes, that's it. I'm in no way influenced or obsessed by him because of some feline disease spread to control humans into taking care of them. Right?! I mean, right? This guy is freaking adorable. 😻