After you've read a book, watched 3 movies, finished a series on Netflix, and the Ambien isn't doing it for what?
  1. YouTube Tutorials. Or if you're fancy, tutorials on Thursday night I completed a 5 hour course in CSS. True story.
  2. Look for a new job and send out resumes. Hey you've already reached the end of the Internet and watched everything on TV.
  3. Play dress up with your pet.
  4. Try and be crafty even if it looks like crap.
  5. Learn how to shuffle a deck of cards. Once you've unlocked that achievement, learn how to PLAY cards. Or some other game and master it so you impress your friends.
  6. Redecorate. Rearranging furniture or swapping out linens totally counts.
  7. Bake or cook something so you won't have to waste time doing it later in the week. You'll probably be hungry at 3 a.m. anyway so food would be convenient.
  8. Organize, or at least clean up, your closet/drawers/jewelry box/shoes. You'll definitely find some stuff you forgot about and that'll give you some bonus old "new" stuff.
  9. Make lists. Lots and lots of lists.