Cool Alternatives to Mermaids

Because the internet is more obsessed than usual with them lately. And remember most of the lore considers them to be dangerous. Swim at your own risk.
  1. Harpies
    Dude, the bitches can fly. Their names mean "snatchers." Zeus may say we're, "ugly," but screw him, we are angry and hungry. Party up top, sexy bird feet on the bottom (no I'm not siren).
  2. Faires/Nymphs
    Shit yeah, yeah, they can fly. Take that mermaids. Mostly you see super tiny ones like in "Peter Pan" but then there are also fairy god mothers. And they are awesome. They grant wishes. And who doesn't want wishes granted?!
  3. Sphinxes
    Just answer the riddle. You can't! Screw u, I'm stuck here guarding a temple. A TEMPLE.
  4. Sirens
    Oh the beautiful voices luring seamen (ha ha) to their demise. These ladies are on point. The seduction, the deception, the evisceration, the horror.
  5. The Fates (The Norns if you're Viking)
    Dude, these chicks ruled the destiny of gods and men. Umm, yes, they are THE shit.
  6. Valkyries
    Valkyries choose who lives and who dies. For Vikings, they bring the heroes to Valhalla. These women are in charge.
  7. Gorgons
    Tired of blowing dry your hair in the morning? No worries! You are medusa and you have snakes for hair. Hssssssssssssssssssss
  8. Succubus
    omg I'm hungry and I need some freaking soul to satisfy my needs and give me power. And have you seen "Lost Girl"? Succubi are super hot.