These are films I have recommended that friends have either hated after viewing or not even bothered to give a chance. I'd classify all of these as comedies.
  1. Turbo Kid
    This movie is AMAZING. Think of an homage to all your favorite 80s adventure movies where the kids save the day. It's a post-apocalyptic bloody BMX ride back to the 80s.
  2. Rubber
    A tire goes on a killing spree. Best part is the super long monologue by the Lieutenant in the beginning that means absolutely nothing but is entirely quotable for multiple situations IRL.
  3. The Punisher
    The original Thomas Jane one. I still believe this is THE best comic book movie ever. Okay, this is not a comedy but a legit action movie but some LOL killing spree moments.
  4. Wet Hot American Summer
    Most friends FINALLY watched this after the Netflix series came out. Do I really need to describe this? No. If you don't know it, stop what you're doing and go watch it.
  5. The Final Girls
    The one with Malin Ackerman, Taissa Farmiga, and Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn from The Vikings). Mourning the loss of her mom, girl gets transported into 80s camp counselor slasher flick that her mom starred in so they can battle the deranged killer together.
  6. Detention
    The weaker dude from Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson, stars in this horror comedy. The students are obsessed with the 90s, there are aliens, time travel, serial killers, and bears.