I recently left my job as a Pennsylvania public tv producer of 13 years to concentrate on securing a video, marketing, or project manager media position in Atlanta. Still looking...
  1. Learned that going from a rural area in State College (PSU) to Atlanta, the job market much more competitive.
  2. I've ended up being the victim of more than one, yes more than one, phishing scam since I'm applying online and communicating via email. My trust level is rapidly depleting. As is my confidence in my ability to find a job.
  3. I've turned down a great project manager job because it just, "didn't feel right," since I'd be leaving media/video production.
  4. Yet many of the jobs in production to which I apply, I hear back from hiring managers that I'm overqualified.
  5. My level of motivation comes and goes. Some days I apply for jobs for 12 hours, other days I spend my day at the gym and binge watching a new series like, "Stranger Things."
  6. It's been a trying process and I've come close but lost out on a few definite dream jobs with Georgia Public Broadcasting and Gannet/USA Today...among MANY others.
  7. Truth...I've gotten sucked into wine in the middle of the day, which leads to getting day drunk and overindulging in lovely snacking. Need to get priorities straight.
  8. Finally, and worst of all...people asking about the state of the job search or what I've been up to lately. That's the most depressing wake up call and conversation.