1. How do I know if this is my dream job? Is an entirely new career really what I want?
    Should I venture to a new part of the jungle gym OR should I stick to the ladder I was on where I was happy but that particular environment just happened to be toxic?
  2. Can I really live on this salary, in a new city? Yes, I've negotiated already.
  3. I know I want to move to this new magical city, but is this THE job or just the means to get there?
  4. Wait...is this really the vacation/sick time they're offering?
  5. And they expect me to pay 50% of healthcare? Is that normal?
    Not at my last job...was I just spoiled with cushy university benefits?
  6. Everyone was super nice, but is that a good reason to take a job?
  7. No, I'm not working right now but getting by and could keep looking I guess.
    But then there's the constant self-doubt and sense of failure that comes from quitting a job and not having one yet that nags at me.
  8. If I say, "No," will I always wonder if I missed a great job opportunity?
  9. If I say, "Yes," will I regret leaving the place that feels comfortable and safe and/or missing any potential dream jobs?
  10. If I really wanted it, wouldn't I feel more excited?
  11. Ugh. Indecision gives me a headache.