T-minus 3.5-4 months until i have to get approx 8 lbs of human out of my body. here are my thoughts!!!
  1. The word I use most to describe feeling my baby moving around inside me is: WEIRD
    dont get me wrong, i like knowing he's in there and i say hi to him when i feel him squirrelin about in my guts but..its pretty weird. it feels like a held in fart or a snake slithering in your stomach or like when the bass is so loud you feel it in your gut but its a human kicking you or rolling over in your body i mean..HOW WEIRD IS THAT
  2. the Cool Mom Bullies are worse than the Doomsday Moms
    i thought the most annoying Moms were the ones that tell you every awful thing you can imagine (you'll pee yourself constantly fyi! I hope you dont mind being covered in shit for years !) but the worst ones are the COOL MOMS who peer pressure you to do all the stuff you "shouldn't": drink, eat sushi, eat soft cheese. "YOU CAN DRINK EVERY DAY ITS LIKE TOTALLY OK. HAVE ANOTHER DRINK! SERIOUSLY, DRINK THIS" um..No? and LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU BULLY !
  3. @zoe requested a great list about Mommy Blogger Tropes that ARENT FOR ME and i'm scared to do it bc what if i do ALL OF THEM?
    what if i become the worst of the worst and I dont know it!!!
  4. The feet swelling thing has begun and it's really not cute
    like...i have to loosen my birkenstock straps. a shoe that is barely a shoe is TOO TIGHT for my FEET. wrap your head around that one
  5. I have been thinking a lot on some possibly unimportant things
    currently obsessed with: will he be a lefty like me or a righty like @preston? what is the most eco-friendly disposable diaper? is he going to get my terrible eyesight or P's perfect vision? when can we put the new stroller together and try it out with the dog in it?
  6. I actually love the way the big belly looks
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    its CUTE to me??? its so fucking liberating to just get your gut out there. I didnt think I would feel this way but I am so into outfits that show off the big belly??!!
  7. No one gives you a seat anywhere
    it's really true. they dgaf. sometimes i just ask to sit if its a supercrowded bus bc idgaf either. but no one volunteers!!
  8. My cravings have been more like short-lived fixations
    they last a couple weeks and its all i can think about and then I move on to the next thing. They have included: pineapple chunks, cottage cheese (plain), McDonald's breakfast burritos (disgusting. but i HAD TO HAVE THEM. i cant defend it), spicy chicken sandwiches.
  9. It's starting to be hard to get up in certain situations
    if i'm sitting on the floor its slightly awakward to stand right up. getting up from bed in the morning is sort of a rolling sideways affair. if we park next to a high curb, i audlibly groan trying to lift myself the seemingly 100 feet up out of the bucket seat to the sidewalk
  10. I have yet to watch a birth video
    i'm still scared. I swear I'll do it by like, month 8. at least before 9. hopefully before he's crowning