or liquids: a love story
  1. COFFEE 8 AM
    at home. french press or a keurig (beans we grind ourselves with a REUSABLE FILTER CUP, please). Blue Bottle or whatever they are selling at Pinholethat week
  2. COFFEE 10 AM
    at work. either a double cappucino or a large iced
  3. WATER. all day. forcibly
    i wanna pretend i am cool and hydrated as hell but i hate drinking water. i bought a 20 oz glass bottle and try hard all day to trick myself into drinking 3 of them. its an uphill battle
  4. DIET COKE 1 pm
    lunch. been only letting myself have this like 2-3 days a week and force down MORE WATER instead. sometimes i need dat caffeine high tho
  5. GTL 4PM
    GREEN TEA LEMONADE. me and my photo director like to take a mental break in the afternoon and get this refreshing bebida at a little local place we call Starbucks. extra large, no sweetener. refreshing as hell
  6. MINT TEA or GREEN TEA anytime after 4:30
    this replaces the GTL half the time or i have a tea right after anyway. 2 teabags, no sweetener
  7. WINE OR A TINY DC dinnertime
    if i forced down a shitload of water all day i'll have a teensers can of DC with dinner. Or just drink wine because why not always just drink wine