I'm the Creative Director at a travel magazine + media company. This is what I do all day.
  1. 10:25 get in to the office
    i try to be there at 10. today i missed muni and had to wait 20 mins for the next one. plus I stopped for an oatmeal at Peets, which has the slowest service of all time.
  2. 10:45 call with our PR company in NYC to chat abt an interview i was doing at 11 with a design website about "my vision" for this company and the redesign I have done of all outlets
    My main q was: am i gonna have to answer questions about precentages of growth etc bc i never know that shit. she said "you're a creative, i can handle that part"
  3. 11 AM phoner interview with the guy (and his screeching parakeets) to talk about AFAR's redesign
    it got real geeky. we talked about typefaces. i made a point to brag about our 8 design award nominations, espcially since we got the same amt as conde mags with 4-5 time my budget and staff and resources (wasnt even humble abt the bragging bc I am proud of this fact)
  4. 11:30 met with my art director about a feature story on India
    we are supposed to ship it (send to prepress to send to the printer) on Friday and we still need an illustrator to do a bunch of shit. I made a bunch of notes on a layout for my illo person and asked my AD to make a pdf and send it to her and ask her to send it back tmrw. Cross your fingers that we love it because we get one chance at this
  5. 11:50 met with my digital designer about the AFAR mobile app 4.0
    i pushed the meeting 20 mins because the aforementioned illustrator only had today to do what I wanted her to do. OOPS. I oversee all of the online and digital design for the company as well and we are relaunching our app soon. It's in staging and my designer and I sat down and went through the screens. Made some tweaks, asked to see updated screens by the end of the week.
  6. 12:40 meeting with EIC and Exec Editor about June cover
    our founder, aka he who runs this privately funded company, doesn't love the coverlines on the cover layout I sent him last night. Although I am inclined to say "I dont want to change it" (which is something I do), we workshop a few new lines and i agree to work on it more today (when?! UGH)
  7. 1:15 approve a bunch of layouts for ship
    The lifecycle of a magazine story is a long and winding road that ends on my desk. My art director hands me a folder (we are so small that we cant afford K4, a file sharing system that EVERYONE USES, so we are old school with folders and shit. if a folder is lost its usually on my desk under a pile) and I look at his final pass of a layout. I might ask him to tweak a rag (the ends of lines of type) or align something or change a color. then it's good to go,
  8. 1:30 do expenses for March and April
    fucking bullshit. one of the many things I miss about Condé: call me a bitch but I am past a point where I should have to do my own expenses. I hadnt done this in years til I took this job. UGH! fucking excel and receipts. I just did a shitload of travel for work so there's a million pieces of paper to sort. i hate it
  9. 2:00 approve more layouts
    it's a rolling process
  10. 2:30 go for a walk
    i'm sick as hell, but since it's Ship Week i gotta work through this cold. and I need some air. Go to Target and buy NyQuil, Melatonin, a wooden spoon (to use as a mold for my ceramics. random i know), and gum. Its nice outside
  11. 3:00 sit down to try and rework the cover
    i'm at the stage where I hate everything I'm doing and I am just pushing pixels around the screen. Nothing looks good, is this image that I loved yesterday even GOOD, I HATE THIS COVER. start looking at Instagram instead because I'm not feeling it right now.
  12. 4:00 eat some lunch
    I don't always eat this late but there's a lot going on today and this cold has me kinda meh on food. I ate avocado and persian cucumbers I brought from home with some crackers. And a clementine.
  13. 4:30 have an argument with my Photo Director about the way I changed a story while she was on vacation
    It's ok that she doesn't agree but frankly I am her boss so I don't have to run anything by her, certainly not when she's on vacation. But she is my partner here and the person who sees things almost the same as I do (that's hard to find) so I dont want her bummed out. i concede on one pic and we change it. It might cost extra because we already shipped it but I'll deal with it
  14. 4:50 go hide in the conference room with the comfy couch
    and write this list. I still hate my cover. Sigh
  15. UPDATE! 6:30 I landed somewhere i LOVE for the cover, but it's gonna be a hard sell
    I took the advice I always give my AD which is: Nothing should be THAT HARD to nail down. If everything feels WRONG, break it - do the exact opposite of what you were trying. You usually find the right solution. AND I DID. but its pretty buck. let's see what they say tomorrow???