i bought this book after i saw David Schwimmer's cast photo as Robert Kardashian. I was 15 when OJ had that slow white Bronco car chase. I remember that and the broad strokes (glove, Lance Ito, Marcia's Clark's hair) but I want all the details. I'm only as far as pre-trial arraignments but here are some important facts so far.
  1. The bodies were discovered bc Nicole's Akita (who her kids named KATO bc they loved him) was out on the street howling. A neighbor walkiNg his dog saw him, with feet COVERED IN BLOOD, and was like huh who's dog is this? welp Nick at Nite is starting gotta go home. Dog followed him home. Neighbors of dumdum take dog on walk, dog leads them to BODIES
  2. OJ is basically illiterate
    he was at USC before they cared about making the athletes actually go to school. He went to class never. He left a "possible suicide note" that Robert Kardashian read to the press that is full of misspellings and embarrassing syntax.But Kardashian and the media (when relaying/reprinting) rewrote/edited the letter to sound like he isnt an idiot
  3. Kris Jenner started dating Robert Kardashian when she was 17. He was 34.
    this explains everything
  4. The LAPD was so deeply in OJ's pocket that his gun was purchased for him by a sergeant and his bodyguard, even on the morning when he was supposed to SURRENDER and DIDNT, was a cop off-duty moonlighting. LAPD LOVED OJ.
  5. There was a leather glove at the crime scene that matched a leather glove at OJ's house. There was a blood path from OJ's white Bronco to the glove and the blood on the glove AT HIS HOUSE was His, Nicole's, and Ron's.
    he was acquitted of these murders
  6. this description of Robert Kardashian's house
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  7. Everyone on his legal team thought without a doubt that he killed Nicole and Ron
    they decided that constructing a racial bias narrative was the only conceivable way to get him off
  8. OJ beat Nicole fairly often
    the one time he got the tiniest slap on the wrist he ignored his court-mandated community service and threw a gala fundraiser and told the judge that THAT was 100 hours of work. he blamed Nicole for getting hit, of course (he referenced it often). he also called himself a "battered husband"
  9. This backstory on Kardashian / Simpson family history
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    *the "troubles" he refers to is wife-beating
  10. Do not google Nicole Brown Simpson crime scene photos
    i just wanted to see the house / path / etc. NO. you will see her dead body in a pool of blood and ron goldman's dead body slumped and bloody. it's fucking horrible. he cut her throat all the way TO HER SPINE.
  11. OJ took a lie detector test. Any reading below -6 is considered bad. OJ got a -24
    he was acquitted of these murders