i found a lot of interesting and informative things online today and really just DUG IN
  1. i implored Stumptown to send Howard Stern good coffee and they are supposedly on the case
    he just started drinking it for the first time in 40 years and he is drinking Starbucks and i cant
  2. found this Baby Shower invite available on Paperless Post, presumably for that friend who actually hates you but still wants to throw the party
  3. became obsessed with this mega-horny photo on the Delta homepage of 2 dudes who def just met while enjoying extra legroom and will def be doing it in the bathroom once at "cruising" altitude
    @therichdale told me about it originally and i couldnt stop talking abt it the rest of the day.
  4. reminisced about this important update i made On This Day last year
  5. sent my husband a picture of himself at work
  6. ...and he sent it back better