i found a lot of interesting and informative things online today and really just DUG IN
  1. i implored Stumptown to send Howard Stern good coffee and they are supposedly on the case
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    he just started drinking it for the first time in 40 years and he is drinking Starbucks and i cant
  2. found this Baby Shower invite available on Paperless Post, presumably for that friend who actually hates you but still wants to throw the party
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  3. became obsessed with this mega-horny photo on the Delta homepage of 2 dudes who def just met while enjoying extra legroom and will def be doing it in the bathroom once at "cruising" altitude
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    @therichdale told me about it originally and i couldnt stop talking abt it the rest of the day.
  4. reminisced about this important update i made On This Day last year
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  5. sent my husband a picture of himself at work
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  6. ...and he sent it back better
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