sometimes the xcountry flights are a breeze. sometimes it feel like I am flying for 17 hours. this trip is the latter
  1. This mom-aged lawyer will not shut the fuck up.
    i actually put in earplugs BEFORE WE EVEN TOOK OFF. she is talking the stranger next to her's ear off. About Loehmann's, jazz clubs, Da Silvano, shoe stores on West Broadway. SHE IS SO FUCKING LOUD
  2. There is a nervous farter in this mix and s/he is killing me softly
  3. I am severely hungover from last night's magazine design awards
    the left side of my head is in a vice and my whole body aches. barf
  4. I am almost done with my book
    People Who Eat Darkness. the 3rd book in a row I have read about women and/or children in the sex industry. Its a dark scene and also crushing how law enforcement couldnt give 2 fucks about these women and kids
  5. Made the best in-flight snack EVER
    took the coconut choc chip cookie that came with my weird wrap and broke it up and put it in the bag of mini pretzels. SWEET SALTY HEAVEN
  6. Watched Mean Girls without sound and still just as good?
  7. There isn't one new magazine I could buy to read bc I read em all on Thursday when I flew out
    highlights: a toilet paper ad that insinuates that it will wipe your ass SO WELL that you can go commando in white jeans. I'm serious, this was real
  8. I watched Grey's from this week
    All i can think about is how P Demps had to have been a PSYCHO to have Shonda take the show down this road. kinda ba-nar-nar
  9. Texted @preston to get me through the worst of the turbulence
    god i hate it