we lived in Berkeley for a year and I maybe miss the food most of all
  1. BARTAVELLE (berkeley)
    you will never have a better avocado toast. i promise you. a thick slice of ACME (the bakery next door) pain de mie, barely-mashed avocado, a lot of lemon olive oil and marash pepper. its perfection. also highly recommend 2 softayolk egg halves with aioli + anchovy. ***THIS IS WHAT I MISS MOST ABOUT BERKELEY
  2. RAMEN SHOP (oakland)
    go at 5 when they open and you can actually sit right away. the best veg ramen i've had at a ramen place (i eat meat but i like pork-free ramen ?)
    hotsy totsy: best bar ever. great neon sign, a tin ceiling and they show stag films. but its kinda crusty locals, not students or douches. the taco truck outside makes a good carnitas taco 👌
  4. BURMA SUPERSTAR (oakland)
    it's on every lost but kinda for a reason. you gotta be ready to wait forever tho, or go for an early dinner.
  5. LITTLE STAR (albany)
    addictive deep-dish with a cornmeal crust
  6. TOWNIE (berkeley)
    recommend this more for good snacks with drinks
  7. TACUBAYA (berkeley)
    they don't have breakfast burritos but they do have a delicous chorizo + eggs
  8. NATION'S (berkeley)
    this is a chain that's basically like a soda fountain from the 1950s. open late!! not easy to find in the east bay
  9. CAMINO (oakland)
    gorgeous huge open space with communal tables and a small menu but its all really good. brunch is myfavorite bc it's really breakfast OR lunch.
  10. DONUT DOLLY (berk + oak)
    they pluck a squishy donut from the pile and fill it in front of you with your choice of pastry cream. i like them rolled in granulated sugar.
  11. TARA'S (oak)
    creamy ice creams with stuff like curry and lavendar and basil and they are all REALLY GOOD i swear. black sesame cones. you can get a teeny tiny cone if you want. also the owners are obsessed with Amma and she has a prominent portrait in the shop
  12. ACME (berkeley)
    bakery next to Bartavelle. cash only, but a fast line. you can't make a bad choice, its all delicious
  13. SAUL'S (berkeley)
    it ain't Katz's but if you want pastrami + pickles, here's your spot. Also have decent black and white cookies.
  14. CHEESE BOARD (berkeley)
    employee-owned pizza coop. only 1 kind a day, and whether you get a slice or a pie they add an extra lil piece on top. its a must to get the spicy green hot sauce and a head of roasted garlic to put on top 👌😍
  15. PIZZAIOLO (oakland)
    i like the food here but the service sucks ass. that being said ita really delicious pasta + wood-fired pizza. it's the most Brooklyn-y place in oakland i think
  16. Vik's Chaat House (Berkeley)
    Cheap and delicious Indian street food. I could go there every day.
    Suggested by @EricElkins