scenes and their songs that give me the feels. mostly those feels are tears but i like it. (i know i have more but i need to rip the band-aid off my listapp anxieties and FINISH LISTS)
  1. the final scene of Six Feet Under, with Claire driving off into the sunset
    Sia / Just Breathe. this is tears AND chills AND longing. sidenote its the best fucking television show ever made and i rewatch it every few years
  2. at the end of the Boiler Room ep of MSCL Angela blows of geometry review (again) to go somewhere with Jordan Catalano and he grabs her hand in the hallway
    Late at Night / Buffalo Tom
  3. the opening credits of Friday Night Lights
    best theme song ever or best theme song ever
  4. Everyone heading to the football game on the pilot of FNL
    Devil Town / Tony Lucca
  5. Hannah and Marnie dancing it out on the first season of Girls
    Robyn / Dancing on My Own
  6. Buffy and Angel dancing together at prom after they break up. Kills me.
    "Wild Horses," The Sundays
    Suggested by @daniellenuss
  7. SATC episode when Carrie sees Big's new wife walk out of the Plaza and she tells him "Your girl is lovely, Hubbel" and he doesn't know what she's talking about
    The Way We Were, duh!
    Suggested by @lesleyarfin
  8. Mike White voiceover intro from Enlightened
    Suggested by @lesleyarfin
  9. Fringe episode from the last season when the world is all jammed up and Walter finds the last cd on the planet and puts it into the car stereo and the music comes on.
    Yaz- Only You
    Suggested by @doesntmattr