i read everything i can about Scientology, and found the doc terrifying but i wanted so much more?
  1. why is the type onscreen so fucking tiny
  2. why does everyone have a speech impediment
  3. was hoping the whole leah remini / missing wife of miscavige thing was going to be discussed
  4. LRH could've maybe shelled out a few bucks for dentistry
  5. what happened to LRH daughter after being in a cage in cuba?
  6. LRH is vile
  7. is it possible to be a casual member of the church?
    is Beck holding these tin cans every weekend and giving 6 figs to Miscavige on the regs? i know some church members sociallly but way too scared to ask questions
  8. who knew BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY could be a chilling nightmare of sound??!!!!
  9. this is fucking insane. how can this be so fucking INSANE?