or, things we did in the desert these past 4 days. 1 night in PS and 2 nights in Joshua Tree with 2 of my most favorite people on earth.
  1. Drink whole bottles of wine in a plastic carafe in the hot tub at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs
    v v enjoyable, especially on a Thursday night when you can almost have it to yourself. also good: weed gummies
  2. Sound Bath at the Integratron
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    something I have done before and loved every second of. You lay down on mexican blankets in a geodesic dome while you listen to a woman play sounding bowls at frequencies that stimulate your chakras. Yes. I know.
  3. Pioneertown and Pappy & Harriets
    also a favorite. deset honkytonk where bands play and you eat burgers. Pioneertown is like a saloontown from a western and there are a few small stores that sell ceramics and saddles and sometimes you can pet a baby goat
  4. Dinner and drinks at the Joshua Tree Saloon on Karaoke Night
    we ate bad food and drank whiskey all night from a booth and watched people sing their hearts out. the highlight of the night was one guy from the posse of 20 brody jenners celebrating a bachelor singing Torn by Natie Imbruglia: all the dudes had arms around each other and were shout-singing along (we were too)
  5. weed soaked hard candy
    it kinda tastes gross then it tastes good and is noce as a constant companion in 🌀the desert🌀
  6. Day spa priveleges
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    friday afternoon i randomly found online a really cute tiny hotel with a spa that could accommodate 3 people for massages the next day. they had 3 mineral pools of different temps, tons of blooming bougainvillea, giant poolside beds and massage therapists that rendered us all mute the rest of the day. we were there 7 hours. it was heaven.
  7. Pie for the People
    local "new york style" (it wasnt) pizza joint that is cute and really good. I predicted the bachelor bros from karaoke night would there too last night and I was right
  8. Tons of sun + wine + weed candy + Broad City in bed
    the 3 of us fell asleep together in bed watching YAS QUEEN YAS QUEEN YAS QUEEN on a mini ipad at like 10 Pm 👌👌👌
  9. Drink iced wine before 10 AM and just stare at 🌀The Desert🌀
    i have always loved it here and now i'm like...could we live here? (probs not but i like to dream)
  10. In the desert no one can hear you scream (taylor swift lyrics)
    driving through cactuses late at night with only moonlight while you scream ARE WE IN THE CLEAT YET ARE WE IN THE CLEAR YET ARE WE IN THE CLEAR is therapeutic. primal scream therapy basically