fine for other people. i personally don't care for it (probably a list that could go on forever)
  1. adults that love Disneyland (sans children, on a date or on a honeymoon)
  2. leggings under a dress
  3. Nutella
    hazelnuts can get bent
  4. flip flops
  5. saying ciao
    unless you live in italy
  6. fruit and chocolate commingled
  7. chevrons
    the pattern not the gas station
  8. a public restroom with only 2 stalls
    so weirdly intimate
  9. using LOL in texts/gchats
  10. vanilla scented anything
  11. studded clothing
    or shoes or bags or a jacket or anything on your person. sucks if you are an old punk from way back but thems the breaks
  12. calling candy "sweets"