this is maybe the most Bae Area thing about me
    i send all packages to an address on Market Street. they text me when they arrive and i use the app to schedule when i want them to come to my house. they deliver until midnight! this is major.
    i order all groceries that i don't need to have direct contact with (avocados, meats, et al) with this app. I can choose the grocery store (Safeway for basic shit, Whole Foods for most pther stuff, a local market for ethnic foods and even BI-RITE if i'm feeling FANCY) and then be specific abt brands etc. Its like online shopping. I love it. I do it at work and schedule the delivery for an hour or so after I know I'll be home. they deliver until 11pm.
    they pick up and drop off my dry cleaning exactly when i want, from way early to way late and weekends too. they also bring you a cookie from assorted organic / shmancy bakery when they pick up, for reasons unknown to me
  4. NEST
    laying in bed and its too hot and you are lazy as hell? fire up that app and turn down the heat. On your way home from the airport on a cold night and think, it would be nice to walk into a toasty living room right away' ? hit dat icon and make dreams come true. have type A control issues and want it to be warm when you fall asleep, cold in the middle of the night and warm when your alarm goes off? nest it up and shedule the shit out of your temperature life
  5. LYFT
    as a new yorker trying to figure out how to get around SF quickly and easily (see an earlier list) on-demand cab rides are a godsend. i try not to support uber bc they seem like creeps? Lyft used to scare me bc of the pink moustache and fist bumps but now its norms. and cheap.
    you can order food from places that dont do delivery. you can order an US weekly, diet coke and your scrips from Walgreens and have them brought to you. I once had someone come pickup up a thank you note from me at work and deliver it to someone's office. Its not cheap but it can be great
    tells me exactly and accurately when Muni is coming. so I can stay home til the last second and walk to my corner right before it materializes.