it was actually 21 mins. Lisa was really chatty.
  1. Apparently there's a piece of red tape on gas pumps that you should look for and if it's tampered with, there's probably a card reader inside
    "we all know this in Florida"
  2. Regardless, Lisa never pays at the pump
    It's not worth it
  3. Lisa's husband makes all of her online purchases for her, with paypal
    much more secure than any other option
  4. The taxes in California seem outrageous
    "that's what we think here in Florida"
  5. That snow in New York seems crazy, she bets I don't miss it
  6. What exactly does a Creative Director do, if I don't mind her asking
    i sort of do, i just had a question about billing
  7. She couldn't actually answer my original question about billing.