the real reason i like social media
  1. furries (twitter)
    furries tweet as their fursona so it's a lot of either upbeat otters and dogs playfully swishing their tails or really horny cats and foxes
  2. real dolls / real doll owners (twitter)
    my specific interest is in one guy who not only tweets as himself but as his 2 "girlfriends" that live with him. (one doll is asian and uses british slang, the other is russian) they tweet at each other all day, mostly about dr who or with heavy-handed sexual innuendo, and it is just a conversation with himself. a truly bizarre situation
  3. diaplife enthusiasts (twitter / instagram)
    people that wear diapers. sexually. like as a sex thing. peeing and pooping in diapers (nappies). i found one that is a furry / diaplife crossover, perhaps a Dark Follow Unicorn?
  4. a woman who is dementedly psychotically obsessed with collecting selfies of herself with celebs (insta / her blog)
    its a scary dark hole but i cant look away. it's...really dark
  5. high school acquaintances (facebook/ instagram)
    the 2 i really keep an eye on are: 1 a single mom with 4 kids (3 diff dads), really into church and canning and memes and inspirational quotes. 2 a married mom of 3 who loves to throw elaborate pinterest-y parties and adds her own disney monograms (like w a spesh sewing machine) to absolutely every single thing her kids own. i barely remember either of them from school.