i am way more interested in seeing these than i thought i would be!!
  1. here's my home screen
    576fc8ca fbad 4fc2 ac0d f6dd41f98351
  2. i like to make groups and name them w emoji. anything outside a group is just more important to me right now
  3. 📷
    photo related apps. the camera and insta are used too much to be in a group
  4. 🎵
    music stuff duh
  5. 👀
    looking for something- settings, yelp, amazon, etsy, opentable etc
  6. 🏃🏻
    can you do this for me: lyft uber postmates instacart etc
  7. 💻
    internetty life things: twitter facebook snapchat etc not sure why kindle is there but it is
  8. 💰
  9. important outside-a-group apps: ListApp, Groupme (to text with one group of friends on east coast), WhatsApp (to text with my bff group - between SF, LA, NY and Spain this is the easiest way). Routesy tells me when MUNI is coming, Simply Being is a meditation app and its my new favorite way to fall asleep.