this was requested by @jon and i cant tell if it's a dissrequest. BUT HERE YOU GO ANYWAYS, because you all secretly want this list !
  1. full length mirror optional
    just step back enough to show full lewk. shoes can be a separate post. i did my best selfie work in the conde nast bathrooms from 2011-2014 and those mirrors are above sink only
  2. don't use a flash
    duh. dont be shtoops.
  3. be as well lit as possible
    as in, candlelight isnt gonna cut it and neither is your moodlighting. bright natural light is the nicest, or the overhead lighting scheme of the employee bathroom
  4. take it yourself
    Its a SELFIE !!!
  5. hold the camera straight and steady
    i prize symmetry and composition and just cuz its a pic of my outfit in my messy guest room doesnt mean it shouldnt be QUALITY
  6. use afterlight
    or vsco or whatever you want to make the angles straight and shit. do NOT use whatever that weird face and body photoshop shit is - its so noticeable and then youre a freak who photoshops selfies. and you look like carrot top
  7. show off why your outfit deserves to be seen
    if its a giant coat lets see how giant if your titties look great lets see cleave if its a crazy print shirt lemme get a good look
  8. wear lipstick
    it looks nice