how's your day?
  1. we got a James Beard Award nomination for a story that Gabrielle Hamilton wrote for us. first time for AFAR and pretty cool for a non-food mag.
  2. our current issue is quickly becoming one of the best selling issues in the company's history and its a cover I fought for and refused to waver on
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    feels so good to stick yr neck out and be RIGHT. who DOESNT wanna be in copenhagen on a bike like a beautiful blonde in a leather jacket?!
  3. having drinks n snacks with @aminatou and @gabimoskowitz tonight
    amina is already my friend but excited to meet gabi . gonna listapp goss all night long, jealous much?
  4. one more day until i go to joshua tree with some best friends and enjoy possible time travel at the integratron 🙌😎💖🍄
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    i love sounding bowls. and the hammock village. and thats just friday!
  5. the plan came together on a big shoot and i'm excited but a lil nauseous nervous
    i have to go to phoenix but we all suffer for our art right
  6. it might get cold enough tonight to wear my giant plaid wool coat
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    or at least windy enough to pretend